Paul Giamatti Weight Loss Journey: How He Lost the Weight and Kept It Off in 2022


Paul Giamatti weight loss: What do you do when you’re the star of films like Sideways, The Hangover, Cinderella Man, and American Splendor, but you realize that your weight has gotten in the way of getting leading roles? For Paul Giamatti, the answer was to undergo gastric bypass surgery in 2009 and lose 120 pounds—which he has kept off ever since. Now healthy and happy, Giamatti has turned his weight loss into an inspirational story that he hopes can help others with similar body image issues make healthy changes in their lives as well. Here’s how he did it and kept it off!

who is paul giamatti :

Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti, Jr. is an American director and actor , screenwriter, and producer . Although he has been consistently credited as Paul Giamatti since 1996, some sources give his birth name as either Paul Edward Valentine or Paul Edward Valentine Giammattei. He had a modest childhood with parents who were both practicing Catholics.

His father was a Yale-educated psychologist who worked with mentally challenged children, while his mother was a housewife who also volunteered at her son’s school in New Haven. As for his personal life now—he seems to be doing pretty well in that department too! He married actress Felicity Huffman on May 3, 2003. The couple have two sons together; Samuel (born December 2005) and John (born March 2008).


Giamatti began acting professionally in plays produced by Boston University’s Experimental Theatre Program. He graduated from Yale University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in drama, having studied alongside fellow actors Ed Harris and Meryl Streep. In 1997, Giamatti won critical acclaim for his performance as Harvey Pekar in American Splendor.

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Paul Giamatti Diet Plan:

Eat Breakfast Paul Giamatti loses weight by eating a big breakfast. In an interview with Men’s Health, he explained that the most important meal of my day is breakfast. Each morning, he eats oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar, topped with almonds. When I eat oatmeal, it fills me up for four hours before I have to eat again. Most people think of oatmeal as a carb-heavy thing.

What Supplements Did Paul Take?

Paul took a combination of supplements, but said he wouldn’t want to recommend any specific supplements for anyone else. Instead, he emphasized that proper diet was most important for him. However, he did say that protein powder made a big difference in how fast his body repaired itself after intense training—and recommended soy isolate over whey isolate. He also took a multivitamin every day and used protein bars throughout his weight loss journey.

Focusing on Lifestyle Change:

Because Paul has a family history of heart disease, it was important to focus on lifestyle changes that would not only help him lose weight but also help reduce his risk for other chronic diseases. The first step for Paul was to eliminate any processed or packaged foods from his diet. These foods are commonly high in added sugar and salt, which can increase blood pressure—two factors that contribute to heart disease.


Next, he started eating smaller portions at each meal and got more physical activity each day by going on daily walks with his son over breakfast. To maintain these changes, Paul focuses on making a healthy dinner every night with lean protein, fresh vegetables, fruit or whole grains such as brown rice or quinoa.

What Exercises Did Paul giamatti weight loss do?

As far as we know, Paul didn’t have a personal trainer. (We reached out to his PR team but never heard back.) However, there are plenty of workouts he could have done on his own or with a friend or trainer. Regardless of what workout program he chose to follow, Paul—who’s now 52 years old—would have benefited from focusing on strength training because it preserves lean body mass (muscle) and prevents age-related muscle loss.

If you’re not familiar with working out regularly, says Katherine Brooking, MD at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore, MD, start small and work your way up. Aim for at least two sessions per week with one day of rest in between sessions. Here are a few beginner strength-training exercises to try

paul giamatti weight loss surgery:

You might have seen Paul Giamatti around town with a bit more pep in his step. That’s because he just lost weight and you probably didn’t even notice. The Oscar nominated actor says that for him, losing weight was about improving his health, not about trying to achieve a specific look.

I’m not a particularly good-looking guy, so I can always stand to lose weight, but it wasn’t like I was trying to conform to some sort of idea of what an actor should look like or anything like that. This process took time—and commitment—for him. Here are three steps that he took to shed pounds over time (without ever worrying about gaining them back).


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paul giamatti weight loss journey 2022:

Last year, Paul Giamatti lost a ton of weight. The actor once known for roles in The Hangover, Sideways, and American Splendor surprised fans by showing up to accept his Emmy award for Best Supporting Actor noticeably thinner than usual. After that momentous occasion, he continued to lose even more weight over time through healthy eating habits like cutting out red meat and drinking plenty of water.

But if you’re hoping to follow his journey towards his goal weight from beginning to end—and learn how to go about doing it yourself—then you’ve come to the right place! Below we have an infographic with a full timeline of Paul’s transformation process. We also provide information on what led him towards wanting a lifestyle change.



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