Sheryl Underwood Weight Loss Surgery 2022 – Why She Did It and How It’s Going

Sheryl Underwood weight loss surgery: star of the daytime talk show The Talk, recently had gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight and improve her health. But why did she have the surgery? And how is it going? In this post, we’ll find out more about Sheryl Underwood’s weight loss surgery and its results so far!

The story of why Sheryl Underwood weight loss surgery:

I had tried everything else, from dieting and exercising to visiting multiple doctors to try their latest miracle pill or potion. Nothing worked.

In fact, I just kept gaining weight—30 pounds in 18 months—even though I was eating less than ever! For example, one day, my husband told me that he noticed that my jeans were getting tight around my butt.


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Sheryl Underwood weight loss surgery

The process:

Over time, she says, a condition called acid reflux could do damage to your esophagus.  So after years of struggling with her weight, which she says ballooned as high as 318 pounds (147 kg), Ms. Underwood says her doctor recommended gastric-bypass surgery, in which part of her stomach is stitched closed to restrict food intake.

Some 95% of people who have bariatric surgery lose weight within five years (the normal rate for dieting is less than 1%). But its popularity remains controversial: Surgeons say they are helping their patients live longer; critics argue that most will eventually regain some or all of what they lost.

Her results so far:

In a recent interview with Sheryl Underwood, she revealed that her surgery was not as challenging as she had anticipated. As of right now I’m two months out and I feel great, said Sheryl underwood weight loss. I have found a new love for vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

While she no longer has any excess skin hanging from her stomach or abdomen area, Sheryl says that it will take at least six months for her to see any results from losing weight. Her ultimate goal is to be able to do yoga again without experiencing pain or discomfort during her workouts.

Some helpful tips for those thinking about getting it:

In January 2013, Sheryl Underwood underwent weight loss surgery. That’s right: The Talk co-host actually went under the knife—and came out with a smaller figure! Before having gastric bypass surgery, Sheryl weighed 298 pounds.

Now, she weighs 180 pounds…and will soon be getting even smaller because she has to have her new stomach stapled again in three months (the first step in her ultimate goal of reaching 135 pounds). We spoke to Sheryl about why she decided to have weight loss surgery—and what advice she has for others thinking about doing it themselves. Here’s what she had to say…

Sheryl Underwood weight loss surgery

I’m ready to get it:

You’ve seen it on television (Oprah’s big reveal), you’ve read about it in magazines (is it for real?), and most likely, a family member or friend has tried it. But is weight loss surgery really that easy?

In Sheryl Underwood’s case, she says yes! The talk show host talked about her experiences with gastric bypass surgery—including why she decided to do it, what she has learned, how much weight she has lost so far, and if other people should consider going under the knife. Here is what she had to say: At 20 years old I weighed 240 pounds.

sheryl underwood lose weight:

The 44-year-old actress underwent a stomach sleeve procedure. With gastric sleeve surgery, surgeons remove three quarters of your stomach and reshape what’s left into a small tube or sleeve. After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery, most people are able to lose about one pound per day, meaning that in a month you can lose around 25 pounds.

In addition to dropping pounds quickly (and keeping them off), there are other benefits to gastric sleeve surgery as well. For example, according to statistics from Surgical Science International , nearly 80 percent of patients who had undergone laparoscopic gastric banding experienced GERD symptoms postoperatively.

the talk sheryl underwood weight loss surgery:

There are many ways to lose weight, but you might be surprised to hear that Sheryl Underwood, a cast member on CBS’ The Talk, is going through bariatric surgery. The star of Survivor: Borneo decided to take matters into her own hands after years of struggling with her weight.

She said she realized she had a problem when she turned 50 and couldn’t lose those last 20 pounds for good.  I was drinking protein shakes all day long. And I still could not get rid of it, she told People magazine .

So in January 2016, Underwood underwent gastric sleeve surgery to help her shed some pounds—and so far it seems like it has worked! I feel great, she told People . I feel lighter physically and emotionally because I don’t have as much stress in my life.



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