Lily Collins says Emily in Paris is about women in the workplace

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According to Lily Collins, "Emily in Paris" is about "women in the workplace" just as much as it is about romance.

The actress, 33, portrays Emily Cooper in the popular Netflix series,

and Lily thinks there's more to the show than what some viewers would think.

The actress, who plays a marketing professional on television, explained: "When questioned in season one whether Emily was more of a workaholic or romantic,

And in my opinion, the answer to that question encapsulates what we've come to expect from the romantic comedy genre.

Both romance and the status of women in the workforce are major themes in this program.

And I believe it's crucial to keep telling the tale of the character who feels conflicted about their career and how much it means to them.

The actor who portrays Emily's close friend Mindy Chen, Ashley Park, thinks that season three of the program is very different from seasons one and two.

According to the actor, "What we were really looking forward to this season was,

Female friendships frequently have the notion that they aren't the most supportive if there is any sort of "challenging each other.

Lily recently acknowledged that she is "unapologetically job oriented."

Additionally, the actress admitted that she "very much" resembles her "Emily in Paris" persona.