Nightwing essayist Tom Taylor affirms Dick Grayson is formally more extravagant than Bruce Wayne/Batman while talking with CBR at San Diego Comic-Con.

Dick Grayson formally has a bigger ledger than his coach, as indicated by Nightwing essayist Tom Taylor.

In a CBR selective meeting at San Diego Comic-Con, Taylor was inquired as to whether Nightwing is currently formally more extravagant than Bruce Wayne/Batman.

"100%," Taylor replied. "Like, by billions. Bruce is currently only a humble mogul. Nightwing is an extremely rich person.

The distinction, I surmise, is that Nightwing isn't wanting to keep any of it. He's parting with each penny."

Dick has recovered his recollections following the occasions of "Joker War" and has chosen to leave Gotham City for Blüdhaven

Barbara Gordon visits Dick to illuminate him that Alfred, who was killed by Bane during the 2019 "City of Bane" storyline,

subtly turned into an extremely rich person after he became Bruce Wayne's lawful watchman. Moreover,

Alfred's will places Dick responsible for the fortune in case of his passing.